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wanna play doctor?(c) - диалоги, часть 6.

- What are the relationships among families?

- We try not to cross each other's way; however, sometimes we do. Every family has its own values and aims. Some are obsessed with expanding and turning more people. Some, on the contrary, consider people to be unworthy.

- Like the oldest ones?

- Mostly. For example, Victor is very careful with enlarging his family.

- You too.

- For me every new family member is...

- ...a new vortex of anger towards yourself, dissatisfaction and pain.

- How do you know?

- You're not the only one being watched.

- I have to ask the question I should have asked at the very beginning but did not.

- Go on.

- Do you... or, rather, would you like to become one of us? And open your mind, please, I don't want you to give me a correct answer. Which, I am sure, you know.

- I do. You want me to say "no". And that's true about me - I guess I'm too fond of our usual human food.

- Seriously.

- Seriously... I don't know. Rather no. All this is very relative. If I was dying I'd probably beg you to turn me. I prefer to think of it as a kind of extreme measure.

- What if you wanted to stay together with the one you love for ever?

- Forever is a long time to be with someone. Even with the one you love.
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