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wanna play doctor?(c) - диалоги, часть 4.

- I'm calling to invite you to our house on Friday.

- (pause) I'm not sure whether it is a good idea.

- So you are scared.

- Logically enough. I can put up with you alone, not with.. how many are there? Six?

- Seven with me. Calm down, no one is going to... eat you or whatever your ideas about us doing you harm might be.

- What is your purpose then?

- We have an offer.

- Should I consider one of those "stand and deliver!" offers beforehand?

- Yes. And prepare your will. Just in case.

- Do my ears deceive me? Irony?

- I prefer to think of it as sarcasm.

- What did you see?

- Victor. Being at me.

- A terrifying sight, I imagine.

- A discouraging one, I daresay.
Tags: у insane своя игра в голове

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