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wanna play doctor?(c) - диалоги, часть 2.

- Hmm, impressive.

- What the hell was that?!

- A pink bunny?

- I was hoping you wouldn't believe that.

- Are you afraid of me?

- How many times are you going to ask me this silly question?

- As many times as it takes you to answer.

- Listen, what do you expect of me? Do you think I should be banging a shamanic timbrel in your presence? Or should I rather splash holy water on you and recite prayers? Or, perhaps, scatter salt and red dust around my house and office to prevent you from coming in?

- Your mentioning all these options means you have considered using them.

- Why do you imagine a bunch of your kind 30 miles away might scare the hell out of me when tomorrow I might get killed by a drunk driver?

- You seem...nervous.

- Of course I am nervous! Even more, I am aggressive! Anyone would be if they were forced to put on that damn gown which leaves your ass naked!

- Fine with me.
Tags: у insane своя игра в голове

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