InsaneSnape (lietuveens) wrote,

Dreamt of Severus. He's so rare in my dreams that I just HAVE to write it down, it happens, I shit you not, once in several years. I always wondered how blocked I am to myself. He's been the VIP for over ten years, my emotions were incredibly intense for a certain period of time - like, 5-7 years for sure, but this is probably the fourth time I see him in a dream.

As if he's an actor in a movie (looks like HP7 or something), and the shooting comes to the end. So he's sitting on a chair among other actors, and I'm standing in front of him, and he says "I'm so tired. And I missed you so much". That's when my heart almost explodes with love, and we're suddenly in a different room. I make him a bed and lay him down. The bed is narrow, but he makes room for me and invites me to join.

I also do remember hugging him, but I don't know when it happened.
Tags: у insane своя игра в голове

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    Пошла к шведской акушерке за ОК, рассказала, какая я здоровая и как у меня все заебись, а потом она намерила мне давление 190/93. Акушерка покрутила…

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    В принципе, А.Д. завела себе исландца для того, чтобы после работы вот это вот:

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