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Catt Kingsgrave "A Thing of Rags and Patches"

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It's been quite a long time since I read anything decent in English. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky to receive a copy of "A Thing of Rags and Patches" by Catt Kingsgrave.

This book is like a chest of mysterious souvenirs - enchanting collection of rags and patches brought from numerous realities. I picked them up one by one, and each of them was a marvellous adventure. They are whirls of poetry and petals of prose embellished with language varying from plain and simple up to mesmerisingly rich and colourful.

Reader dissolves in every storyline, as sadness and longing creep through the lines. Or is it hope?

As for the quote hunters, this is the right book to have a look at. As for dreamers, this is the well of inspiration to dip their heads in and enjoy the vortex of the worlds offered by the Author.
Tags: мир вокруг

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