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...recall the past, predict the future...

It always starts with a beat of heart
And taking a deep breath
But year by year you realize
For you there's no luck left

You run from fear, you flirt with death
You slowly start to freeze
In empty souls you won't find faith
They don't know what it is

You can't ignore the flow of time
A hero someday dies
You can't afford an open heart
it hurts and bleeds and cries

You fall apart, you see the joy
In staying all alone
You find the way of breaking through
And do it on your own

You lose control, you feel the heat
Of hell behind your back
Enjoy last moments in this world,
You're never coming back

This is the short retell of life
I see you hardly breathe
You think of this and tell me
Do you really want to live?

How come the old poems are the right ones?
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    The entire world is falling to ruins, and poor Cheshire' s off his tea... (c)

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    К вечеру от недосыпа периферийным зрением я стала замечать крупных движущихся пауков, но острое желание поспать пропало. Сижу, гляжу на пауков теперь.

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