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когда всё закончилось

A court did happen. When I heard of this I thanked all powers of this and other worlds I had spoken to Potter when he had come to apologize. I did not need the apology of that scum, especially recalling the stones he threw at me in Hogsmeade; I wanted simply a promise that he wouldn't show them everything, just what they needed to know. Still, it was me who persuaded Severus to give the memories to Potter. I still shiver when I remember him crying his eyes out and me holding him; fearing that if I let him out of my grip he'd have burst into smithereens right in front of me. If anyone would have found out why Severus had been what he had been and had done what he had done it would probably bring him back into what he had been right after Lily's death or worse. It made me so desperately helpless that I do not want to remember it again.


The faces of judges and... well, the spectators (it cannot be said in any other words) were also judges, only starting at different moment of time.

Nevertheless, he got cleared probably because the Minister now is Arthur Weasley. Quite a sensible man generally... except what concerns the quantity of children.

After the words "Free of all charges" I finally could cry. I saw Severus' pale face and eyes... the expression was шnexplainable. And then I just lost a grip on myself. I simply couldn't be strong anymore. But he could. He always could. No matter what came.

They asked him to return to the place of the teacher of Defence against the Dark Arts.I wonder who on earth needs to know the subject anymore.
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