InsaneSnape (lietuveens) wrote,

* * *

- Why are you helping us? You could've chosen the safe side.
- Strange to hear something like that from you. You've been on both sides and know perfectly well no side is safe.
- Does that mean you want something?
- Of course, I do. If I don't get it, doesn't mean I'll change my allegiance, though.
- Oh, so?
- Because none of the sides could compensate for love anyway.


- Some consider this arguable.
- Not you, as far as I'm concerned.
Tags: у insane своя игра в голове

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    Пошла к шведской акушерке за ОК, рассказала, какая я здоровая и как у меня все заебись, а потом она намерила мне давление 190/93. Акушерка покрутила…

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    В принципе, А.Д. завела себе исландца для того, чтобы после работы вот это вот:

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