InsaneSnape (lietuveens) wrote,

How do you know you are Latvian?

Грамматика хромает, но текст того стоит.

1. You get used to explain abroad where Latvia is.
2. You get shocked if somebody abroad does know where Latvia is.
3. You are proud that Latvian Lat is the most expensive currency
4. Ice hockey has become the most important thing in your life
5. Half of your friends disappear to study or work in Ireland or UK and you think that’s normal
6. You’ve learned the hard way that a triangle means women’s toilet and a triangle upside down means men’s
7. Anything goes wrong you blame the Russians
8. You see someone smiling in public, you think: well, a bloody foreigner
9. You are afraid crossing a street, especially at zebra
10. Everything 50m above sea-level seems like a mountain
11. You love the Baltic Sea and go swimming there at nearly any temperature
12. You consider Latvia the best and worst place on earth – at the same time
13. You put an “s” or “a” at the end of foreign names, so you can conjugate them
14. Hugging is reserved for sexual foreplay [ :D ]
15. You sincerely believe that LAIMA is the best chocolate in the world.
16. You think it’s normal to not pay income taxes and know what is to get salary in envelope.
17. You know more than 50 Janis [guys name].
18. You know more than 20 Ligas, Ilzes, (each!) [girls name]
19. You think metal doors are a necessity.
20. You can’t even imagine what is gallon, farenheits, inches or pound.
21. You never smile in public when you’re alone
22. You laugh at Russian jokes.
23. You actually get these jokes.

By: Māris Doniks
Tags: смиялось

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    Вчера ебанула Яннсен, сегодня рука болит при движении, как будто легкая ломота в теле и голова побаливает. Сигнал проходит по чипу, что надо поесть…

  • (no subject)

    Хорошее настроение у А.Д. сегодня! Даже удивительно, какое большое значение имеет то, что в хате тепло и светло. Огонь ощущения.

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    А.Д. перерезервировала машину на 31-е, потому что перепугалась и сдала ещё один тест на ковид. Мы обещали покатать матушку исландца, а она у нас в…

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