August 20th, 2008



Weighing every word
while you're on the phone...
Every now and then -
sorry, I'm alone.

Jeez, I've been trying to hide this even from myself for the whole summer. Gosh, I'm gorgeous. Gorgeously fucked up.

Blank blank blankety blank you blanking blankers.

The fact is, I'm again losing interest in life as such. Probably because the diploma paper is approaching. At top speed. Probably because I haven't written a single poem during the summer. Or probably because I'm just stupid. My life is very close to perfection - education, work, home, family, friends... perhaps, love is missing (but fuck it, I can masturbate, anywayz). Alright, I've found my problem - no dreams. I don't have dreams or ambitions anymore. BECAUSE I DON'T GIVE A DAMN.

I could solve the world's problems...if I cared.

And I'm totally missing two mega-best books: Mark Cirino "Name the baby" and A&B Strugacky "40 years later". I'll order both from my September's salary, I promise.

This is your lucky day, pilgrim.