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I don't SPEAK English, I TEACH it, damn you!

Somehow it seems to me that I am no longer capable of producing clear language of English. In my humble opinion, I hardly make myself understandable. Since I have started to teach English, it went so low in its level that I don't feel myself comfortable anymore. I need people to use real language with. Plus, there's a long summer ahead of all of us, which will bring me into even deeper abyss tha I'm in now. Ah, languages! They become dead as soon as one shuts their mouth.
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  • когда А.Д. проснулась в 5 утра в субботу

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    Пошла к шведской акушерке за ОК, рассказала, какая я здоровая и как у меня все заебись, а потом она намерила мне давление 190/93. Акушерка покрутила…

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    В принципе, А.Д. завела себе исландца для того, чтобы после работы вот это вот:

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