InsaneSnape (lietuveens) wrote,



colourful snow
so electronic
copy it
paste it on my eyes and lips
I'll need no more maybelline
or maybe
I'll need look out of this window
no more

keep me
as a canary bird
so silly
screaming every time you take the veil off
paint me black and blue
and I'll turn into a bluebird
just for you

how convenient
I'll sleep in the bathroom
who will ever care
there is only icy water
your eyes are twice as cold
whatever I do
whoever I am
so pathetic
so me


oh come on
roll over
just like that
condemned to the torture
I will gladly perform on you

take it off
I've seen many
all different
all unique
just like everyone else
holding to their minds
striving to breathe

so desperately

that I couldn't
allow them to sprout
or become real

I've made you

you know nothing
ignorant fool
Tags: стихи

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