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Mark Cirino "Name the Baby"

Пожалуй, лучшее, что я когда-либо читала на английском языке. Цитаты.(так же интересные состороны лингвистики). Читать от и до.

...when someone else dies, your own life ends up passin' before you.

I'll drink until I'm all fucked up, down, diagonal and dangling.

You think I'm stupid or something, kid? Jesus, you probably think I can't figure shit like that out for myself.

...but I'm a forgetter, for worse or for better.

Every event and incident is a lesson, it's just people aren't trained to think like that.

You cannot trick anything until you trick yourself.

You have to be ready to die before you are ready to live.

Life' s funny, but you have to BE there to really get it.

Going home, somehow, is like a defeat in the worst way. You don't go home: you retreat home.

And when you write your autobiograhy and your epitath is in blood, it doesn't have to rhyme; it's already poetry.

People smile for mirrors, man, they pose. You're not looking at yourself; you're looking at the best case scenario of yourself.

When you stare down memories, mistakes, guilt, if you blink, you're dead, motherfucker.

Kids, by nature, should not be content, they should be forever striving, until life finally kicks them around a little and sends 'em crying back home. it, but do it quietly; go ahead and order it, but order a medium; ask, but ask nicely. Moderation, anonymity, and son, mind your manners.

...forced dreams when you're asleep are just as bad as forced dreams when you're awake.

What you're doing is training them to be someon else before they know how to be themselves. (about children drama club)

What does it mean when your own dog can embarrass the shit out of you?

An, cemetery, playground, what's the difference? One makes you feel young? and the other lifts your spirits.

God's voice, Devil's voice. Man, they both sound the same: to good to be true.

...whenever there is a killing, that somehow the assassin must resemble the victim, and never is that more true that with suicide. don't take drugs, drugs take you.

Didn't I once say you were never supposed to look an animal in the eyes? Scratch that shit, man, you can look anyone anywhere, it's all a matter of what lesson you're after...

I behave, I don't act, and that's all the difference.

Sex. Religion. What's the difference? One gets peddled on street corners, and with the others all you're worried about is the second coming.

...he doesn't talk to his parents, doesn't talk to his sister, doesn't talk to any of his old high school friends. He thinks all that's doing is revising destructive relationships. (...) He figures they've wronged him in the past, so he ain't gonna let 'em do it again. (...) Why talk to people if all they do is bring you down?

Man, if you think it's a defeat to go back home, you should try going back to your old highschool. That is truly the lowest you can sink.

...the only difference between death and love - one supposedly lasts forever, the other makes you think of classical music.

...why when you think of Romeo and Juliet do you think of their amazing love and not their death? Why when you think of Romeo do you think of him as the golden-tongued romantic instead of just another sausage who killed himself? And why when you think of Juliet do you think of the embattled child, born to love, rather that someone who plunges a knife into herself?

I mean, in the quest for the truth, the secret is to find all sides. Only thing, sometimes the truth is like a circle: no sides at all.

I mean, keep your fuckin' bad thoughts to yourself, dude, I've got enough of my own.

Difference is that Juliet really killed herself FOR Romeo, not BECAUSE of the dude, you know?

Art, suicide, what's the difference? One is easy to frame, the other makes you cry and wonder at the same time.

If you have a gun and you're not ready to use it, you're about a million times worse off that if you're just you...
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